Video Chat Alternative

Video Chat Rules and Regulation

  1. It is forbidden to show disrespect to other chat users, including:
    • profanity, vulgarity, disruptive or hostile comments;
    • intolerant behavior towards other nationalities, races and religions;
    • threats and insults while chatting with other users.
  2. It is forbidden to behave indecently:
    • to show bare chest without a face;
    • to offer virtual sex;
    • to use words and phrases with an obscene sexual connotation;
    • to chat naked or dressed in underwear;
    • to demonstrate either genitals or other intimate parts of the body;
    • to touch the genitals even through clothing;
    • to aim the camera below the chest (try to keep your face in the picture frame);
    • to take any action that could be construed as obscene.
  3. It is forbidden to show some irrelevant images instead of your own face:
    • to aim the camera at the monitor;
    • to aim the camera at the photos;
    • to aim the camera at any text messages;
    • to use webcam emulators.
  4. Spam is strictly prohibited, including:
    • displaying of advertising images or writing of advertising text messages;
    • inserting of any kinds of external links in the text messages;
    • sending of bulk text messages;
    • prompting other users to perform some actions online: to vote, to take the survey, to visit some website, etc.
  5. Complaint mechanism
    • Any video chat user can send a complaint against actions of another chat user. This complaint should be accompanied with the attached image of the violator which will be the basis for moderator concerning the ban decision. Video chat moderation is available 24/7.
    • Chat user that received numerous complaints from other users is banned automatically. Complaint mechanism takes into account many factors and eliminates erroneous bans.

Video chat administration is not responsible for the users’ actions but is trying to persecute the violators by all available means. It is absolutely impossible to keep track of all chat violations, therefore we urge you to complain against your offenders. Your complaints will help us to make our Video Chat even more pleasant and enjoyable place to communicate.